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Welcome to {$ msg.room $}'s room,

See my topic above for more information. Tip or take me private for special requests. Cam2cam with me for more fun.

All tips are appreciated! That is the best way to pay me a compliment and get on my good side!

I do not work many days or hours so make sure to "follow" me here on the site by clicking the star on my profile so you know when I'm live!

I DO NOT offer any shows in free chat. I DO NOT OFFER NUDITY IN ANY CHAT! I DO NOT OFFER CAM TO CAM FOR ANY REASON IN FREE CHAT! I cater to fetishes in private and I will talk to you, get to know you and cam to cam with you in private only! I will NOT let you get to know me in my free chat on my limited time.  I urge you to ask me if I cater to your fetish or if I wish to chat with you in private. However do not go into prolonged details of your fetish nor dirty talk in any way in my free chat. Lets to go private where I can explore your fetish. Thank you in advance for respecting that.

All privates that are under 5 minutes will be blocked from my chat....Please understand that I am a NON NUDE MODEL, if you request for me to do something and I say no, I ask that you respect that or I will have no other choice but to block you.

If you are submissive and you are obedient you may serve me, however make sure you have enough credits to do so. I am far from cheap! HUMILIATION, SISSIFICATION, COCK RATING, SPH, CEI, JOI,JOE, CUCKOLD, TONGUE (I have a very long, wide tongue)As well as HAIR FETISH.  FINANCIAL DOMINATION PAYPIGS/HUMAN ATM'S (one of my personal favorites! I SPECIALIZE IN FINDOME) and many more. Lets explore your fetish together in private!

I AM NOT SUBMISSIVE! I am extremely dominant! So if you are looking for a submissive woman you are in the wrong room!

I have been a model for over 7 years. I will only do what I am comfortable with. I want us both to have an exceptional time in private, make sure you ask me before you take me to private so I know you understand I am a NON NUDE MODEL! The only way to insure we have an amazing time is communication!

I love nothing more than a man taking me to private just to talk to me and get to know the real me. There are questions I will not answer in free chat and you can not really get to know the real me in free chat. Only in private where its just us!

I look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you in a private chat.


Stats & Info

Race: white

Cam Score: 34,404

Fans: 818

Height: 5'5'' - 5'9''

Weight: 100 - 115 lbs

Build: petite

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: auburn

Sex Preference: straight

LOYALTY & Intelligence. A compassionate man who knows how to get what he wants without begging. A man who shows love & support often, doing shows with me & tipping. A respectful man. A hard working man, with a bank account & is not afraid to spend it
Drama. Begging. Controlling losers. Poor manners. Lack of intelligence/common sense. . A man that makes promises without immediate action! Losers who do not tip in free chat or do shows! Men who think the world or this site revolves around them
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