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See my topic above for more information. Tip or take me private for special requests. Cam2cam with me for more fun.

I consider myself a social person, veryfriendly thrill seeker I love take risks and see what there’s beyond… I’m alsoa lovely girls many people say I’m such a sweetheart, independent and so happydoing this… when you love your job is not your job anymore ♥.

I usually work out early in the morning to get ready and for my day, I alsowalk my dog and share my time with all of you guys, you’re so important for me.

Some of my hobbies are get a tan, go to some river, hiking I love nature angeneral… and off course party with friends and some dance too.

What I love of people is they loyalty, honesty, respect, positivity andgood vibes.

I don’t likes lies guys… please be transparent with me I’m not going tojudge you I never do that.

I don’t identify myself with anybody, I take the best of every person Imeet then I employ it in my own life, I consider I’m in a constantly change, Ilike personal development, know, accept, love and respect myself.

I hope that you will have a great time when you are here in my room andalso, I hope to see you enjoying spending your time with me and come back hereevery time you feel you need a friend or just someone to listen you when youneed to speak.

If you want to know I little bit of me meet me in my room… Join me.


Stats & Info

Race: latin american

Cam Score: 4,224

Fans: 895

Height: 5'0'' - 5'4''

Weight: 130 - 145 lbs

Build: average

Eye Color: black

Hair Color: brown

Sex Preference: bisexual

What I love of people is they loyalty, honesty, respect, positivity and good vibes & hard and creamy cocks
Bad manners...I don’t likes lies guys… please be transparent with me I’m not going to judge you I never do that.
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