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Hello...Welcome in my room...My name is Byanca from Romania,28 years old ...I like to have fun and expecially to chat...I have the sense of humour so you can joke with me as much as you want to! I have a strong presonality and if you’re new in my room, be patient and get to know me better...We will get along after a while. I can be sensual with erotic gestures and i love to be here meeting new people everyday and sharing cool moments...I am horny,flirty and social... Just relax and have fun in my room! I want this to be great experience for you!!! I don’t like to act fake, so don’t expect me to kiss asses or to treat you nice if you are rude to me! Hope you all have fun because i like to do my best!! So please be gentleman, respect me and each other so i could give you the hottest moment. I really love you, thanks for tipping and whenyou can’t tip you always could come and share a nice moment in this room!


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